With a 25 000 square meter recycling centre, we are ready to buy your company's scrap cable. This state of the art centre is based in Johannesburg South Africa.
We buy and recycle all scrap cable, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and electronic waste.


We specialize in buying and recycling scrap copper cable.

Our company policy dictates that we buy from registered companies only.

We buy and collect scrap cable from all over South Africa.

We use digital payment systems only.

We pay final invoices within 24 hours of receipt.

We supply certificates of safe disposal on request.

We have calibrated weighing equipment that is under constant CCTV surveillance.

We recycle in an environmentally friendly way.

PLEASE NOTE: The minimum collection and delivery weight is one ton (1 000 kg).



Power cable, Telecommunication cable, Copper wire, Mining cable, Data & Communication cable, Instrumentation cable, Bare overhead conductors –ACSR, Bundle conductors, Steel wire armoured cables, Tape armoured, Aluminum armoured, Braided cables, etc.

We believe in promoting smart recycling habits in order to achieve long-lasting results for future generations.

At Sindawonye, we’re committed to providing environmentally friendly cable and non-ferrous recycling solutions.

In order to operate in an environmentally friendly way, Sindawonye has set up a recycling centre to process all scrap cable, dirty non-ferrous metals and e-waste. With our waste-management solution, we service the entire South Africa as well as international markets.

We supply the legally required destruction and disposal certificates to your company on request.

We have the capacity to buy and recycle the following commodities:

All Scrap Metal including; 

Unclean non-ferrous, Copper, Aluminium, Brass, Radiators, 

Stainless steel, Batteries, Electric motors etc.

All Ferrous Metal including;

Light Steel, Heavy Steel, HMS, Sub Grade, Shavings, Blue Steel etc.

E-Waste including; 

Computers, Laptops, Servers,Hard drives,Main frames,etc.

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