Primary manufacturing

In order to operate in an environmentally friendly basis, Sindawonye has setup a plant to recycle all cable, Fibre Optic and E-Waste.

Process Of Scrap Materials

Secondary raw materials are the result of recycling; they are an ecological solution to the ever increasing demand for natural resources. Sindawonye employs the most energy efficient processes to recover all the metals available in the various products received.

All the processing of scrap materials and waste is achieved by breaking down the components into the basic raw materials. These basic raw materials are then separated by means of magnetic as well as air separation techniques.

The processing completely destroys all data stored in e-waste materials. The non-ferrous components are also completely destroyed from their original form.

The process enables SGP to recycle all the recyclable materials that are evident in the various complex items received from customers. No chemical or burning techniques are applied throughout the processes, thus eliminating any emissions into the environment.

The processing techniques provide our customers with the comfort that there is complete destruction of all data and products, and that the input waste materials are fully recycled and that scrapped products will not resurface into the market.

All techniques applied in processing and recycling waste are environmentally friendly and any non-recyclable materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sindawonye markets secondary non-ferrous and ferrous raw materials to the local and international markets and sells secondary plastic raw materials to the plastics industry.

Sindawonye uses other plastics generated from its recycling processes for its own primary manufacturing process, providing a complete circle of recycling all of the components of cable and some of the plastics from the electronic waste.