About Us

Sindawonye Granulators and Processors was established in February 1997 in order to fill a niche identified in the non-ferrous metal recycling field, specifically in the field of processing and upgrading all types of cable as well as non-ferrous scrap metals including all forms of E-waste: electronic and computer scrap. Upon its incorporation it was the first black empowered company in its field.

In 2006 Sindawonye acquired the business of Non Ferrous Shredders CC to merge the enterprises, with the approval of the Competition authorities. Non Ferrous Shredders CC was established in 2004.

Its activities were that of recycling of electronic waste and non-ferrous scrap. Its plant was originally located in the Eastern Cape, but later moved to Gauteng. The merger has led to many synergies and most aspects of the merged business improved. As well as allowing SGP to enter into the recycling of ferrous metals.